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Abraham Was Righteous Because Of His Faith

"For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness." Religion is good, but it does not save. Works of righteousness are commendable, but they too fall short of God's righteousness. In fact, according to scripture nothing that man can do, or has done will ever be able to save his soul. Even faith apart from God's revealed will and word is empty. So then why does the scripture above say that Abraham was able to receive God's righteousness by just simply believing God. In Abraham's day there was no Bible written, no law of Moses, nor was there Jesus Christ yet, and yet Abraham was able to receive God's righteousness apart from all the above. How was it possible?  Simply because God spoke, and Abraham trusted in His Word. He believed God and His Word, and so God imparted or imputed to him His saving righteousness apart from religion, works, commandments, and even Christ. You see people in the OT were saved the same way we must be; by believing God's Word and trusting in His promises. For Abraham, though he had God's righteousness was not yet able to enter heaven because Jesus had not yet come. The temporary righteousness of God insured his salvation until Christ paid his sin debt. Even so, it has always been faith in God that imputes God's righteousness. Even today, if we will believe God, and trust in His plan of salvation through Christ, we too like Abraham will receive God's saving righteousness.


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